Cooking Class for the Uncouth


Tired of formulaic cooking shows?  Looking for hosts who are funnier than Bourdain, cooler than Batali, and way way less annoying than Rachel Ray? Maybe you should check out Solid Dudes Kitchen, a series of webisodes featuring Detroit rockers Derek Swanson and Dave Graw, who make up for their lack of formal culinary training with unconventional recipes (pot brownies, anyone?), hilarious (and raunchy) banter, and some seriously impressive YouTube views. On Sunday, the Dudes are having a premiere party for their newest episode, Sausage Party, at 7:30pm at Brooklyn Fireproof. The event is free (although an RSVP is required) and includes DJ sets from Dial.81 and goodies from Blue Point Brewing Company, McClure’s Pickles, and Porktown Sausage.

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