Discount for BB Readers Who Want to Open a Restaurant


Holly Howard will teach you the secrets of the restaurant business.

Holly Howard will teach you the secrets of the restaurant business.

The idea of opening a restaurant has an undeniable allure. Maybe more than any other business, it’s something people dream of doing, whether they’re trapped in a cubicle-bound day job and love throwing dinner parties on the weekends, or are professional chefs yearning for a kitchen of their own. If this is your dream, you can start planning, or just research what it takes to actually open a place, in a new course at The Yard called How to Open a Restaurant.

Taught by Holly Howard, BB columnist and local business consultant, this six-week program is not just for aspiring restauranteurs.  It’s for foodies, local aficionados, people who patronize restaurants and would like a glimpse behind the curtain to see who and how a restaurant functions and why some are successful (and some are not). Perhaps most importantly, the program provides a networking opportunity for restaurant lovers and experienced professionals who would not be able to meet anywhere else.
Each week focuses on a specific aspect of the restaurant industry like financing, design, marketing, sourcing food, staffing and management, and each week features a successful member of the Williamsburg restaurant community as a guest speaker. You’ll meet successful entrepreneurs from Marlow and Sons, Joseph Foglia Designs designer of Parish Hall, the Brooklyn Coop and Accion.
You can expect to:
– collaborate fellow students
– develop a draft of the business plan for your restaurant
– meet local restaurant professionals with real-life, hands-on experience
– gain an understanding of financial and legal requirements
– learn what you need (and what to avoid) in terms of real estate and insurance
– familiarize yourself with the vital aspects of design and construction
– understand operations and management systems for staff

Where else can you get personal advice and guidance from a network of established restauranteurs, business owners and consultants?

And, there’s a pizza pitch party at the end where students will have the chance to pitch their concepts to a panel of advisers for feedback and suggestions.

How to Open a Restaurant begins Wednesday, Jan. 30. Use the code “Bkbased” at checkout to get a special discounted rate of $175 (full-price tickets for the course are $255), through Jan. 30. You can also buy tickets to individual sessions for $55.

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