Sell It Like You Mean It


After the hours spent in the kitchen spicing, smoking and tweaking and perfecting a signature recipe or troubleshooting an innovative culinary technique, the hard part feels like it should finally be over. So why is it that when it comes time to actually share your hard-won, homemade awesomeness with the world, finding a way to turn some of that sweat into currency can lead to an economic conundrum of Underpants Gnomes-level impenetrability? Fret not faithful foodies because Edible Brooklyn has got your back. For a $5 entry fee to the latest installment of their super-popular “How to…” series, you can learn to sell that jam or jerk chicken to someone who isn’t a blood relative. Speakers for the night include the founders of Saucy by Nature, Sweet Deliverance and the Salty Road, as well as Fare Trade NYC. If that isn’t enough to sell you, the $5 Brooklyn Brewery beers on offer definitely should.

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