Expand Your Brain While Having a Blast


As New Yorkers, we get to meet some amazing people–musicians, artists, chefs and experts on everything from plate tectonics to the multiverse. This week SideTour is offering two opportunities to meet and learn from major talents. Friday, March 29Enjoy a Private Jazz Session with a Top Saxophonist at Juilliard How often to you get to attend a private concert with a rising jazz star? Braxton Cook, a saxophonist who got his start playing in bars in D.C., will perform and then discuss the history, theory and future of jazz. Saturday, March 30Trace the History of NYC’s Diverse Public Art and Architecture with a Design Expert Sascha Mombartz is a sculptor and design expert who will fill you in on the rich history of architecture in New York, and lead you to hidden gems around the city that will transform ordinary corners into artistic Easter eggs for anyone in the know–that is to say you, after the tour.

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