Plan Ahead: Noah’s Funny Valentine


It’s been a while since Noah Baumbach returned to his roots, but Brooklyn is once again the setting of his latest (and lightest) film, Frances Ha. In it, the smart, lovely Greta Gerwig, who co-wrote the screenplay, plays the title character, a dancer who doesn’t really dance, and who is fumbling through her 20s like the rest of us did (and may still be doing, thanks to the eternal childhood New York grants us). Shot in black and white, festival audiences have already called it Baumbach’s best film yet, a modern-day Manhattan and a gorgeous valentine to Gerwig’s many talents. You can decide for yourself when you see the film May 14 before it opens in theaters, and hear Baumbach, Gerwig and co-star Mickey Sumner discuss it in person at BAM. Tickets are selling briskly. 

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