Look Smart, Be Smart: Sign up for Wakefield to Win $1000 from Theory


theory_wakefield_400pxAs Diana Ross once told us, some things you never get used to. An unfulfilling job is one of those things.

In Brooklyn and beyond, people are leaving their jobs at big companies and heading for startups and their own businesses at a rate we’ve never seen. Wakefield’s daily email is the discovery guide chronicling this shift.

It’s a short, witty take on startups–from Greenpoint’s Gotham Greens to Facebook–that highlights which are hiring and recommends products you should try and events to attend. You’ll be the first to know about promising new startups and tech trends, along with hard-to-find job opportunities–and it takes just a minute a day to digest.

Wakefield also is bringing you Uncubed a creative hiring event featuring more than 50 of New York’s most successful startups, on Friday, May 17.

And, because people are using content and events like Wakefield‘s to find work that more seamlessly blends with the rest of their lives, it makes sense to have a wardrobe that does the same.

Sign up now for Wakefield’s daily email and you’ll be entered to win $1000 on Theory.com.

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