Costume Party Problems Solved


It is bound to come up at some point–an invite to a themed party, be it Halloween or any elaborate Shanghai Mermaid or Gemini & Scorpio event. If you wish you could whip out some Jazz age attire, add a fascinator to your look, or become a mermaid at a moment’s notice, you should head to the Gemini & Scorpio Goldmine! shopping party from noon to 8pm. Many women who spend their nights presenting or taking part in fabulous events or performing burlesque will be editing their closets for castaways, and designers of one-of-a-kind accessories–like the lacey, nautical jewelry of Anne Arden McDonald or Burning Man belts from 6362 Metaforce–will be selling their wares. If you want early dibs on the best looks, arrive during the VIP hours of noon and 2pm; entry during that time is free if you contribute to G&S’s Kickstarter campaign to refurbish their loft or $10.

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