Pianos for the People


We might not be Beethovens, Bachs or even Elton Johns, but everyone is encouraged to take a turn tickling the ivories this weekend as part of Sing for Hope. The public art installation places pianos designed by 88 different artists–that’s one for every key on a piano–in parks and public spaces around the city for two weeks. Pianocentric events have been organized for the length of the installation and June 3 is date night. Participating artists selected a location in each borough that they felt would be a romantic ramble with a significant other–so consider taking a stroll along Coney Island‘s boardwalk tonight and playing a love song for your partner (though even tapping out Chopsticks could crack a smile). Make your way down to Brooklyn Bridge Park tomorrow, June 4, for a turn playing artist Stefan Sierhej‘s piano, which he painted to look like white china with blue ornamentation–snap some photos while you’re there and share them on Sing for Hope’s website as part of its River View Photo Challenge. The pianos will stay put until June 16 at which time they’ll be donated to local schools, health-care facilities and community organizations.

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