The Narrative Month in Brooklyn: Secret Clubs, Mermaids, and the G-Train Workout Plan



Lauren R. Weinstein / Narratively

It’s finally time to leave that wintry cubbyhole and get out on the town for some picnicking, Citibiking and general summer hobknobbing. Which means you’ll need something to talk about while you enjoy the sun, sand and BBQ. Here’s our May cheat sheet–the 10 best long-form Kings County stories from the past month from Brooklyn Based, Narratively and beyond.

1. The Mermaid Show Goes On!

Our favorite Kickstarter this month had to be the effort to save the Coney Island Mermaid Parade,  which was struggling to go on in the wake of Hurricane Sandy damage. Good news: they raised $100,000+ and will march, strut, wiggle and swagger on as scheduled, June 22.

2. The Real Mermaid

And here’s hoping that this year’s parade can be half as exciting as comic artist Lauren Weinstein’s memory of an epically disastrous mermaid outing two decades ago.

3. An Amusing History

Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park has a few original pony carts from the W.F. Mangels Company. Photo: Allison Meier

Allison Meier/Brooklyn Based

Also speaking of Coney, in our edition of Brooklyn History this month, Allison Meier looked at the man who made Coney Island.

4. Inside the Montauk Club

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Emon Hassan / Narratively

Over at Narratively, we took a peek behind the doors of Park Slope’s members only social club.

5. FLO

New York photographer Flo Fox is chronicled in FLO, a movie by Riley Hooper of the Brooklyn Filmmaker Collective, set to screen at Hot Docs and the Ashland Film Festival.

6. The Kids from Kids


Jonathan Weiskopf / Narratively

We know about Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson, but what happened to the rest of the NYC kids from the iconic ’90s move Kids? We catch up with them all.

7. Brooklyn’s New Garment District


Sierra Leone Starks/Brooklyn Based

One local fashion designer is on a mission to transform “Made in the USA” into this season’s most coveted label. Find out how she’ll do it.

8. The Pedal Pusher


Sam Spina / Narratively

Fixed-gear bikes, cartoons, recreational drugs. Meet our favorite new Brooklynite.

9. The G-Train Workout Plan

Of course, if you’re not into the Citibikes thing, you can always get your exercise in via the G-Train Workout Plan.

10. Brooklyn’s Pet Rescuer


Jessica Bal / Narratively

Finally, with some local animal shelters in serious danger of overcrowding, this guy seriously won’t be stopped. Meet Brooklyn’s most prolific pet rescuer.

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