Everybooty Shake It at BAM


One of the most beautiful byproducts of Pride month is the inclusiveness of its spirit and ethos. No one is left out and no one is unloved, no matter what or who you’re into. And there’s quite possibly no event that better encapsulates this than Everybooty, a no-stops, buckle-your-seatbelts party happening at BAM Fisher. With SPANK, Hey Queen! and Earl Dax cocurating, you better believe that if there’s something worth the glitter, you’ll find at least a sprinkle of it. Acrobats from LAVA? Check. Female-to-female drag performer Sequinette? Check! Gender-bending rap artists House of Ladosha? You better believe it! What about Italian disco metal? Why the hell not! Tickets are $15 advance, but $25 day of, so why not buy two now and give one to someone who could use a reminder that there’s not only something for everyone, but someone who’ll love you for it.

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