OMG Eat This Now: Cinnamon Bun at River Styx


It's not quite so burnished in real life--the filter I used when I took these is a little our of control. Photo: Annaliese Griffin

It’s not quite so burnished in real life–the filter I used when I took these is a little out of control. Photo: Annaliese Griffin

River Styx, the newish restaurant at the end of Greenpoint Avenue that Yelpers love to hate and the rest of us love to eat at, recently started serving brunch. For now, the weekends are serene and placid, light filtering in through the skylights, nary a waitlist in sight. With nachos, burgers, and Saltie focaccia with eggs any way you like on the menu, plus a spicy bloody mary that comes with pickled jalapeños and carrots, it’s sure to be packed to the gills soon, so get there while it’s still all yours to enjoy. The thing you won’t be able to stop thinking about until you eat again? The cinnamon bun. Basically, they take a spiral of sweet, cinnamon-and-sugar-laden dough and pop it in the wood fired oven, let it puff and cook, and then ladle more cinnamon-sugar sauce over the top so that it’s swimming in it. Beware! The bun comes to the table so hot that it should scare you. Melted sugar is no joke–it will destroy the roof of your mouth in seconds. The thing to do is to order it at the same time as you entrees and then split it as a sort of brunch dessert, allowing the cooling time while you sip your drink and eat your eggs. By the time you’re done it will still be hot, but no longer dangerously so. Plan on coming back for seconds the following weekend.

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