What the Hell Goes on in Jess Wood’s Head?


To simply call Jess Wood a comic doesn’t really do her justice. Sure, she gets up on stage and does standup. But she also creates these personas that are like people you know, or people you know filtered through the lens of reality television archetypes, or like people you hope you’ll never know, or how you might imagine people you see on the train are in their normal lives. Watching her movies, whether they’re semi-serious but inherently uncomfortable and funny mini-documentaries, fake commercials or just highlight reels, she’s someone who makes you wonder, “What the HELL happens inside her head?”

She’ll be telling a story at Funny Story at Brooklyn Brewery next Thursday night, Feb. 20. Maybe she’ll give us an inside glimpse of what goes on in there. Or maybe you can buy her a beer and ask her yourself.

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