The cure for PPSD (Parallel Parking Stress Disorder)



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Those of us who suffer from Parallel Parking Stress Disorder (PPSD) know it’s no laughing matter. After driving around for blocks, looking for a place to park, you find a spot that your car just might fit into—but is it even physically possible to edge your way into it? Are you going to set off a car alarm? Are those people on the stoop laughing at you? If only all the cars behind you would stop honking…

Fortunately, with car2go, fitting into a parking space is rarely a problem. The innovative car sharing service, now available in Brooklyn, allows members to use a mobile app to find a car parked near by, drive it to where they want to go, and park almost anywhere. At almost half the length of a regular car, a car2go will fit in those tiny spaces no one else will be able to use. That makes it easy for car2go members to park near their destinations.

Sign up today and see for yourself how painless parking can be. For a limited time, registration is free, plus you get 30 free minutes of drive time (just use the promo code “BKLYN”). Obviously, Brooklyn’s alternate side parking rules offer their own challenges, so check out car2go’s website for FAQs on signing up, driving, and parking and watch car2go’s video on parking in Brooklyn.