Pittsburgh vs. Brooklyn, by the Numbers


How does Brooklyn’s quality of life stack up to the low cost of living that Pittsburgh offers? Culturally, ethnically, and food-wise, we’re still one the richest cities on earth.  Read on to see all the points of comparison.

Pittsburgh vs Brooklyn by the Numbers

Infographic designed by Be Better Studios

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  1. Doc -

    Pittsburgh isn’t setup how Brooklyn is, the town is broken up into inner city suburbs because they chose not to annex them… With that being said, the city of Pittsburgh has more like 1.5-7 million people. The Metro is about 2.5 million

    • John -

      Um…you do understand that using your logic that you’d have to include the NYC metropolitan area? And keep in mind the population of Pittsburgh dropped by 50% in the last generation. Yes, some moved to the suburbs but many left to find jobs.

      The fact of the matter is that Pittsburgh’s population is finally stabilizing. The only way the metro area population will increase is if they keep expanding the footprint of the SMSA.

  2. 1546 -

    Okay, so we need to stop doing this. Pittsburgh is a PLACE. Brooklyn is a PLACE. These are not teams or pawns in a game. You don’t defeat gentrification by contaminating an already flourishing city with it; you fight it within your own city. I am a born and raised proud Brooklynite and I will never, ever wish what’s happening to Brooklyn right now on ANY other city, EVER. Brooklyn is a city, not a lifestyle or brand.


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