Summer classes at BRIC


Don’t let the words “summer school” scare you.

BRIC Media Education is offering a slew of affordable and free classes that are challenging, fun, and can put you on the path toward producing your own material. Whether you’re interested in television studio production, or working with a professional performance art group that The New York Observer calls “a rare treat for the theatergoer,” BRIC has a course for you.



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Since 1979, BRIC has been educating Brooklynites. Their mission: to enable students to produce content for television and online, and to learn more about the ever-changing landscape of technology. Following are a few of the exciting classes they offer.

Television Studio Production: Coney Island is an intensive course held at the Coney Island Library that teaches everything you need to know to produce your own television show: cameras, lighting, audio, green screen, directing, and more. The twelve-hour class will have a maximum of twelve students, so individual attention is guaranteed.




In 21st Century Storytelling with the Builders Association Intro & Advanced courses, performing artists are your professors. Participants collaborate on sketches designed to introduce you—the performance maker—to various interactive media tools that will enhance your skills. This hands-on workshop is held in the BRIC House Ballroom.



Other popular classes that will get your creative juices flowing include Fundamentals of Screenwriting, a course that helps with brainstorming, writing, and publishing that screenplay you’ve had on the back burner. And in Intro to DSLR Filmmaking, you can bring that screenplay to life, by learning how to get the best possible video using a DSLR.




Whether you aspire to be the next Tim Burton (DIY Stop-Motion Animation), Ira Glass (Intro to Digital Storytelling), or Georgia O’Keefe (Intro to Digital Photography), BRIC Media Education offers you the tools to achieve your goals.

To learn more about Summer courses from BRIC Media Education, click here. And if you’re looking for inspiration don’t forget to stop by BRIC House and see (or participate in) the many art exhibitions, concerts, and performances going on at BRIC all year long.


All photos courtesy of BRIC.