Give mom a Seedsheet instead of bouquet


After using a Seedsheet last summer, we marveled at how easy it made growing plants from seed. Each Seedsheet–there are nearly 20 to choose from–includes a variety of organic nonGMO seeds and soil contained in water-soluble pods, perfectly spaced apart on a fabric that prevents any weeds from sprouting beside your tomatoes, sunflowers or basil. You just roll it over soil like a blanket, water it and wait for your perfect weedless plot of vegetables, herbs or flowers that you “planted” in 30 seconds. It’s like the Chia Pet of gardens.

There is a Seedsheet designed for every type of green thumb–foodiestea or smoothie enthusiasts, or all of the above–and every size space. It can fit in a windowsill, on a patio or a rooftop and it comes neatly folded in waterproof packaging. So while everyone else is sending their mother flowers for Mother’s Day, surprise her with a garden.

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