Behind the scenes at OddFellows Ice Cream

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We'll take a triple. Photo: Spencer Starnes

We’ll take a triple. Photo: Spencer Starnes

Ice cream for lunch. That’s the late summer mantra that has gotten us through these last few, painfully muggy weeks. Brooklyn is awash in ice cream, whether you’re talking a straightforward strawberry cone from the Uncle Louie G.’s on your corner, or the flavor explosion that is the salted crack caramel ice cream at Ample Hills. Dairy sensitivities aside (in which case, head to Van Leeuwen for a vegan scoop instead), you’d be a fool not to dive in and sample a few while the weather is still warm.

In celebration of frozen confections we talked the nice folks at OddFellows Ice Cream on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg to let photographer Spencer Starnes hang around for a few hours while they made a few batches of ice cream, and some boozy popsicles to boot. OddFellows pasteurizes all their dairy in-house for an exceptionally creamy and delicious base. From there, the flavor combinations really know no bounds, and the shop has served more than 200 different scoops since they opened in 2013. We dare you not to run out and get a cone after taking a peek at these pictures. 


Mixing the ingredients for Matcha Crunch.


Flavorings are submerged in liquid nitrogen to harden prior to being mixed into an ice cream base. It’s insanely cold, -300 degrees F.


The process takes a while, there’s a lot to mix.


The buttermilk for Buttermilk Honey Blueberry is strained in preparation for the pasteurization process.


This pasteurizer makes it possible for OddFellows to mix all their ice cream from scratch, in house, from super high quality dairy.


Time to add the blueberries.


Mix, mix, mix.


Loved your scoop? Take a pint to go.


Another day, another flavor array. Miso cherry is one of OddFellows signature scoops.


Rosé popsicle, anyone?


Go ahead, try a few samples before you settle for a flavor.

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