Roller Wave + Inner Beauty Pageant


On Saturday starting at 6pm, House of YES is welcoming Studio50 H and his Roller Wave skate party, which sounds like an awesome night of roll bouncing, drinking, disco. A definite throwback to hot summer nights of yore, the party features music from Prince Terrence and Boston Cherry, and the slightly intimidating but potentially really fun warning that “disco looks are mandatory for entry.” Tickets are $10 if you buy them in advance, and you can tack on another $10 if you don’t still have your own pair of roller skates. Another option for the evening is the wonderfully funny Jo Firestone’s Annual Inner Beauty Pageant at Littlefield. Now in its sixth year, the show pits 12 “warm-hearted oddballs” against each other in an interview portion, a talent portion, and a homemade swimsuit competition, and then the audience votes on which contestant displays the most inner beauty. Tickets are $8 here and the show starts at 8pm.


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