Vent about your crappy ex at an Anti-Valentine’s reading


Are you single, maybe slightly bitter about it, and already getting anxious about Valentine’s Day? Well, you may be uncoupled but you obviously aren’t alone in your feelings about the #1 “Hallmark Holiday” of all time, and if you need a reminder of that fact you should consider bonding with kindred spirits at a special Anti-Valentine’s Day version of the Eclipsed Reading Series happening Thursday night at Naive Williamsburg. The theme of the night is “Ex-Files,” so you can expect stories of heartbreak and a few interactive activities that give you the opportunity to vent your own frustration about the ones that got away. The reading runs from 7-9:30pm, admission is free, and happy hour includes $1 oysters and $6 glasses of house wine. You can rsvp on the event Facebook page or email

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