Ask a Local: Eskayel’s South Williamsburg haunts 


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Eskayel designer and founder, Shanan Campanaro, and her husband-slash-business partner, Nick Chacona make textiles, wallpaper and carpets out of their sun-filled showroom in Williamsburg (Eskayel, 75 S. 6th St., Williamsburg). The watercolor patterns might be inspired by their world travels, surfing destinations and love of nature, but the company is firmly rooted in Brooklyn. “The south side is still an amazing space, not yet overrun with Manhattan chains, big box stores and swarms of people,” they said in an email. They’ve lived in the neighborhood (along with their dog, Kaya) since 2003 and 2009 respectively, and their work has become an important part of the Brooklyn aesthetic and creative landscape.

We asked them for their restaurant and bar recommendations and insider tips that only someone who lives there would know.

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Favorite restaurants? 

OTB (141 Broadway, Williamsburg) has the best all-around American bar food hands down. Barano (26 Broadway, Williamsburg) is amazing NY meets Southern Italian cuisine. Just awesome. Birds Of A Feather (191 Grand St., Williamsburg) is a newcomer but has excellent Sichuan food.

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Any other insider tips?

If you want brunch at Rabbit Hole (352 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg) or Sunday in Brooklyn (348 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg), go during the week to avoid the crowds.

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