A new you for Mother’s Day, captured on camera


Kristin Reimer helps moms enter a fantasy realm, and look fabulous while doing so, in her Transformations portrait sessions. Photo: Kristin Reimer

In honor of Mother’s Day, photographer Kristin Reimer is offering moms a makeover, and turning women into their most fantastical selves. Using her extensive wardrobe, makeup and camera skills, women can choose to become a Viking, a goddess, a fairy or any imaginative figure by booking a “Transformation” shoot that includes a character and costume consultation and the chance to let their boy or girl dress up alongside them.

“Gender has no bearing on these transformations, all that is needed is a willingness to have fun,” says Reimer. Photo: Kristin Reimer

“As a Mother/caregiver, fantasies and dreams can often slip away in the service of others,” says Reimer, who blends fine art and photography in both her personal work and for her award-winning documentary wedding and portrait company, Photomuse. “I want to connect Moms (any self-identifying woman!) with their powerful, whimsical, beautiful and fantastical selves. I want to give them an escape for a day, and through the final photographs, a chance to relive the experience every time they look at their portrait on the wall. And if they are bringing their child, an opportunity for a memorable experience together.”

“Every single one has been surprised at how transformational it really is and how good the results have been.” Photo: Kristin Reimer

The response from the moms who have already booked a Transformation shoot, available throughout the month of May, has been overwhelmingly positive. “Many of my clients are not comfortable being in front of a camera, and struggle with low self-esteem or have lost touch with their inner child,” says Reimer. “My happiest moments from doing these sessions has been hearing the stories of confidence and renewal that I have been able to provide them.”

The price for this freeing photo shoot is $325 and each additional person is $50, for the month of May only. In June, Reimer will introduce Transformations sessions for Dads.

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