Oyster Bar Monday


One thing that I’ve been thinking about incessantly over the past couple of days (beyond the precise point in the day that my deodorant gives up the fight) is that this kind of heat is something that we all are going to probably have to get used to in the years to come. Do I like it? Resoundingly, no, as anyone who has spoken to me for more than 30 seconds since August 1 can attest, but the truth is there’s nothing I can do about it except figure out ways to make near-constant discomfort bearable. Here’s one: Throw in some cocktails and oysters and a boat. On Monday night, this can all happen at Billion Oyster Project’s Oyster Social at Grand Banks on Pier 25. From 6-7:30pm, you can bob up and down on the Hudson while indulging in oysters prepared in a variety of ways with beverage pairings from Tito’s Handmade Vodka. It’s all to benefit BOP’s mission to restore a billion live oysters to New York Harbor, which you’ll learn all about. Tickets are $40, and you if you’re still hungry when it’s over, you can stay on for dinner. Bon appetit!

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