Sunday in Brooklyn: Find inner peace at Wanderlust 108


I can’t say I’ve ever felt particularly compelled to participate in a triathlon—the hardcore sweatiness factor alone is kind of a nonstarter for me—but I gotta say that Wanderlust 108, the world’s first and only “mindfulness triathlon,” which hits Prospect Park this weekend, sounds like it might just strike the right mix of (moderate) cardio exercise and feel-good relaxation, stretching, and meditation to ward of the Sunday scaries on Sept. 9. The day starts with an early morning coffee, a group stretch, and a non-competitive 5K run/walk. Afterwards, there is a DJ-powered yoga flow class, followed by a guided meditation, and then a bunch of bonus activities to choose from like acroyoga or tarot. The yoga and meditation classes are free, but you’ll need to pay extra to take part in the run or to reserve a picnic lunch. Of course, if you’ve had enough Zen for the day, you can always walk yourself over to Smorgasburg for an extremely present meal there.

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