Terror Tuesdays at Alamo Drafthouse


A cheeseburger, a craft beer, and a Japanese horror flick about Dracula? We’re into it, guys. If you haven’t yet dropped by Alamo Drafthouse on a Tuesday, you might not know about the $10, 35mm screenings that happen weekly, often showing delightfully terrible, or truly wonderful but obscure horror movies from the last couple of decades. The evening usually starts out with a short talk by that week’s film curator, or a quick game of trivia. The curators of this week’s selection, Lake of Dracula, likens it to a “headphones movie: innovative, meticulous, and always mind-expanding.”  The screening is at 9:30pm, plenty of time to try the new Mexican spot, Taqueria, which has replaced ramen joint Ganso, beforehand. Get your tickets here.

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