A talk about how mysticism shaped America in a Masonic library


Here’s an apropos talk on All Hallows week: “The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation,” delivered by an expert on the subject, journalist and author Mitch Horowitz. At this free lecture at the Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library in Chelsea on Tuesday, Oct. 30, you might finally learn why there is an eye floating over a pyramid on our dollar bills. What is definitely on the docket for discussion: the impact of Freemasonry on our early history; the connection between the early women’s rights movement and nineteenth-century Spiritualism; the occult roots of positive thinking; the impact of African-American magical traditions; even Halloween’s rise in our military as national holiday. (What?) He’ll also be selling and signing copies of his books, The Miracle Club and Occult America, and candy will be served! The free talk starts at 6:30pm; RSVP to Info@nymasoniclibrary.org.

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