Fall fireside feast at Wyckoff Farmhouse, NYC’s oldest house


Photo by Susan De Vries, Brownstoner.

I’m not sure what is most appealing about Fireside Feasts, returning after a seven-year hiatus on Thursday, Nov. 1 at the Wyckoff House Museum in East Flatbush. You’ll be eating at and touring the oldest house in New York City, which was once part of the Dutch West India Company farm, built in 1652. Lawn games will be on offer, as is a talk on the history of spirits with resident “Food Griot” Tonya Hopkins.  The menu is in keeping with the food trends of the day, and includes a light supper of oysters, fall vegetables, chicken or meat, rusk bread (which is more like a dry biscuit) and fresh-churned butter, dessert, pressed non-alcoholic cider, Aval Cider, and Neversink apple brandy (ok, early settlers probably weren’t making ciders and brandies on par with the artisans of today). And best of all, it will be prepared over an open hearth, much like the colonists cooked back in the 17th century. Tickets are just $25-$35, and there are only a few left.

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