A Proper Jewish Christmas at Mile End


I grew up doing an amped up version of the Norman Rockwell Christmas Eve thing every year—carols, stockings, cookies left out for Santa, some kind of roast in the oven, and the anticipation of a shocking amount of presents under the tree—and although I’d never trade those memories, there’s definitely a part of me that has always been tempted to take the cue from my Jewish friends some year and keeping it simple with Chinese food and a movie. This isn’t the year for me, but if you are in town and have no plans on Christmas Eve or Christmas proper, consider making a reservation at Mile End for their Chinese Christmas in Brooklyn dinner, which includes mashup dishes like smoked whitefish rangoon and schmaltzed chow fun. Afterward, why not make an inaugural visit to the new Prospect Park location of Nitehawk Cinema, which opened earlier this week,

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