See a silent movie set to live music in a garden on the last night of January


If you recently saw that Roz Chast, year-at-a-glance cartoon pop up in your Instagram feed, where the month of January gets the largest slice of the pie, and shook your head in agreement, let’s all take a moment now to rejoice! The interminable first month of 2019 is pretty much over, and soon we will have just 48 days left until spring. To celebrate, do something you have been meaning to do, like see a classic, silent film that you keep saying you want to see, but never do. Have you seen, for instance, Nosferatu? The OG of vampire movies is screening at 7:30pm at The Winter Garden, a plant-filled oasis that happens to be in the financial district of Lower Manhattan. Irish composers and musicians Irene and Linda Buckley will play their original live score to the film, which is free. Check out the other Silent Film/Live Music selections that is part of the series on Friday night when you RSVP.

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