Livingston Manor is always the right choice in Downtown Brooklyn


As someone who used to call Downtown Brooklyn home, I gotta tell you, the bar options are a little limited. That’s not to say it’s a total wash. Hollow Nickel is a great neighborhood joint with fries I’d eat for every meal if I didn’t have arteries. Robert and Grand Army are perfect when you want something chic. I was glad to see Circa Brewing Co. pop up because a brewery is never a bad idea. And there’s always good old Hank’s Saloon, which has a shiny new home above the Hill Country food hall. But that was pretty much the extent of my circuit, which I realized recently was missing one key stop — Livingston Manor.

I’d been once back in the day, but it had completely slipped my mind, tucked as it is between a couple stores just south of Fulton Mall. So when I randomly ended up there a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly reminded what a gem it is. The bar bills itself as Catskills-inspired, with its name coming from a cute little upstate town, and that’s exactly how it feels. The decor is rustic in a trendy way, and the vibe is comfortable but decidedly cool. And of course, I wouldn’t be singing its praises if the drinks weren’t on-point. The cocktail list is full of seasonal offerings, the beer and wine selection is thorough, and the prices are really fair.

So what I’m trying to say is don’t make my mistake and stroll by. Livingston Manor is exactly what the neighborhood needs for, well, really any occasion. Meet up with that Tinder date you’ve been blowing off. Commit to your birthday spot. Stop in for a I-can’t-believe-it’s-only-Wednesday drink. You can’t go wrong.

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