A night at new Red Hook cantina San Pedro


So many new things are opening in Red Hook. Red Hook Lobster Pound (not new) will unveil a remodeled space next month. The much-anticipated Hometown Tavern, which will feature the unlikely combination of natural wine, burgers and fried chicken, is also planning on an early April opening. And we hear there are both a pizzeria and a brewpub in the works. But there’s no need to wait to enjoy something new in these parts. The old Bait & Tackle dive bar has morphed, under the ownership of former Metta chef Norberto Piattoni, into a taqueria and bar, where you can order tacos, tostadas and tamales a la carte to go with your hibiscus margarita. I enjoyed all three yesterday, doused with their homemade hot sauce, over a happy hour Pacifico. The weather is nice enough, and the daylight hours long enough, for a weeknight visit, which you could end at Ample Hills. Just don’t go on a Tuesday, it’s the only night San Pedro is closed.

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