Pour yourself a cup of ambition (or a beer) and see ‘9-5’ at Nitehawk


One of the highlights of The Grammys this year was watching the audience join Dolly Parton and a stage full of her fans in a rousing rendition of “9-5.” As dated as this anthem to a 1980s film about sexism in the workplace may be —who works from just 9-5 anymore?! —it’s got a pretty irresistible hook, and you can hear it and more of her classics on “Administrative Professionals’ Day,” Wednesday, April 24. Nitehawk Prospect Park is observing the holiday by inviting the Dolly Parton tribute band Doll Parts to perform live before we revisit Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, and Lily Tomlin at work with their neanderthal boss, Dabney Coleman. Before you go, refresh yourself on the film and read this interview with the screenwriter, who was just 26 when she wrote it. Tickets are $18 and the night starts at 6:45pm.

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