Music for plants at Brooklyn Botanic Garden


Summer brings us lots of concerts for humans (I’m seeing The National, Death Cab and Jenny Lewis, and The New York Philharmonic this week alone), but have you ever been to a concert designed for plants? This week, as part of its Twilight Tuesdays series, Brooklyn Botanic Garden is teaming up with Atlas Obscura and Sacred Bones Records for a unique event celebrating the re-release of Plantasia, a 1976 album by composer Mort Garson that was intended specifically for plants and the people who love them. There are three timed listening sessions scheduled in the garden’s conservatory, and guests will also learn about plant sentience and bio-communication research from composer and interactive ecology designer Milecee. Additional features include a photography exhibit of plant “auras,” a custom tour of the gardens, and “Sonic Succulents,” a living interactive sound artwork. You can buy your own copy of Plantasia, as well as botanic-themed drinks and dinner to round out the evening. Tickets are $40 and must be purchased in advance.

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