Take in the DNC debates with local Dems at two watch parties


At this point, the race for the Democratic nomination is more crowded than my neighborhood bagel shop on a Sunday afternoon, and I’m having a damn hard time remembering all of the candidates. I’m hoping this week’s DNC debates shed some light on the situation, but either way, I want to be watching with good company. Luckily, a bunch of local Democratic organizations had the same idea and are coming together to host watch parties for the two-night event. Wednesday’s debate will be screened at MIST Harlem, and Thursday’s is playing at Circa Brewing Co. in Downtown Brooklyn. The gatherings start at 8pm each night, and the venues are offering drink specials to enjoy while you mingle with fellow watchers and local elected officials. A total of 20 candidates will speak over the course of both nights, and you can find the lineup on NBC’s website.

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