Let’s talk about communication with the dead


As part of Pioneer Works’ on-going forum on mortality, The Good Death Roundtable series, an artist and scholar will discuss Spiritualism and attempts by male scientists to investigate “hysterical” women (including Spiritualist mediums). This event reminded me of the Guggenheim’s beautiful Hilma af Klint exhibit this year—she was a Spiritualist, and I was struck by her belief in the possibility of direct communication with the spirit world. Pioneer Works’ class seems like a good introduction to the practice of Spiritualism, including séances, and its historical context. The event is from 7-9pm on Wednesday, November 20, and is free with RSVP.

Or, if you’re more interested in the life and death of our nation as it pertains to the upcoming election, you can check out the Democratic debate from home or at this Pod Damn America debate watch party (from 8-11pm in Manhattan.)

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