Brooklyn Dance Lessons for your wedding


Brooklyn Dance Lessons is a dance boutique located in the heart of Gowanus. We offer private lessons and group classes for social and wedding dances. Whether you are looking for a new passion or preparing for a big moment like your wedding, our priority at Brooklyn Dance Lessons is to help you learn how to dance… and of course, have fun while learning. With a modern approach and a cozy environment, we designed a unique learning experience that will let you embrace the joy of dancing. Brooklyn Dance Lessons aims to make social dance relevant and accessible. In today’s digital era, we want to help people reconnect with others and rediscover the joy of dancing. Anywhere and anytime. We believe in freedom and happiness, that’s why we believe in dancing. Dancing brings so many benefits—including improving your muscle coordination, mental dexterity, posture, self-confidence, and overall health. We believe the greatest benefit is not the outcome but the joy of the process. When the music starts to carry you or you learn an interesting movement, you get a surge of adrenaline. For couples, dancing can bring them closer and spark new life in their relationships. For single people, dancing opens them up to new experiences and encounters. And for everyone, dancing can make for great cocktail conversations.

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