Herbal Remedy: Goldenrod Oxymel


Note: The following acid and honey remedy, or oxymel, is from Liz Neves of Gathering Ground, featured in our story about her urban foraging walks.

Goldenrod (Solidago species) is a stimulating pungent, bitter, and clearing herb that grows abundantly in our area. It’s a great ally for quelling allergy and cold symptoms, stimulating digestion, relieving urinary tract infections and more. If wildcrafting goldenrod for this recipe, make sure you’ve positively identified the species before harvesting, and check to make sure the species you aim to harvest is in good conservation status in your area (The Native Plant Trust’s Go Botany website and the USDA PLANTS website are good resources for checking). 

What you’ll need:

Fresh or dried goldenrod flowering tops

Apple cider vinegar

Local honey

Jar with lid

Stirring implement (spoon, chopstick, etc.)

If using fresh goldenrod flowering tops, tear up, chop, or cut with scissors enough plant material to fill a jar. If using dried goldenrod, fill the jar 1/3 of the way. In a measuring cup, combine equal parts apple cider vinegar and local honey. The amount you mix will depend on the size of your jar. Stir well. Pour the vinegar-honey mixture over the herbs in the jar. Cover and label with the ingredients and date. Give the jar a good shake and let macerate for up to 4 weeks. Strain and rebottle into dark glass bottles. Add to sparkling water, tea, salad dressing, or enjoy by the spoonful.