The Narrative Month in Brooklyn: Trolley Wars, Pot Jokes and Rent That is Still Too Damn High


Put down the TweetDeck. Scientists say it’s essential to feed your brain long-form content at least once a month. Curated by the team over at Narratively, here’s a look at 10 in-depth stories, videos and blog posts that had Brooklynites talking this month.

1. Deserting the Empire

nate beaty

What’s it like to be the rare, born-and-bred Brooklynite who abandons the borough to live elsewhere? Answer: people look at you like you’re crazy.

2. High Maintenance

With Showtime’s Weeds now off the air, artsy potheads were in need of a new herb-focused series. Now they have one: this hilarious Ditmas Park-made web hit.

3. The Rent is Still Too Damn High

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that, right? Good news! Professional urban crank Jimmy McMillan is once again throwing his hat into the mayoral race, on The Rent is Too Damn High line. And he announced his candidacy by releasing a rather amazing hip-hop video.

4. Life in Public Housing


Seven New Yorkers reveal what it’s really like to live in the projects, in Brooklyn and beyond.

5. The Prospect Park West Trolley Wars


If you thought the current bikers vs. drivers debate was intense, check out what happened when some locals tried to plop a trolley lane down on PPW in 1891.

6. Bootleggers Ball


Ever seen those guys at Brooklyn Bowl taping the shows with their own elaborate equipment? Here’s what they’re up to and why they do it.

7. Leaving the Ruin

A short documentary profiles crowdfunding site Kickstarters’ plans to take over the locally famous Pencil Factory building in Greenpoint.

8. A Downward-Facing Dog Fight


Scandal! Controversy! Bikram! Get the lowdown on the overheated lawsuit between two hot yoga studios in Williamsburg.

9. The Don of Data


How one creative DUMBO artist  turns articles, word choice and tweets into pictures we can all understand.

10. Food Fight

Finally, we love us a good takedown, and the folks over at a Fork in the Road wonder why Barclays Center has such great restauranteurs but such crappy food.

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